1. 11 Sep, 2019 2 commits
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      Merge pull request #48 from wiedehopf/track_history_fix · e2761fc2
      Oliver Jowett authored
      SkyView: Fix aircraft trail handling
    • Oliver Jowett's avatar
      Update aircraft DB to 20190816. · 6a0df00e
      Oliver Jowett authored
      In addition to the usual updated data, this update fixes a number
      of ICAO type designator errors in the FlightAware static data
      export (notably for the A330).
      Fixes #17
    • Oliver Jowett's avatar
      Fix registration stride mappings with a non-zero offset. · d0094d5a
      Oliver Jowett authored
      registrations.js would miscalculate the end of the address range
      in these cases, causing the mapping to be skipped for addresses
      that we could have handled.
      This specifically affected German registrations beginning with
      D-AP through D-AZ and D-BP through D-BZ
    • Oliver Jowett's avatar
      Have filter-regs emit a special value "-COMPUTED-" for filtered data values, · 35299c47
      Oliver Jowett authored
      rather than blanking them out entirely.
      This lets csv-to-json.py handle the case where an earlier input file has (e.g.)
      a registration value which does not match the computed value, and then a later
      input file has a value that does match. In this case we want to override the
      older value with the newer value, then notice that the registration can be
      omitted when writing the database. Previously in this case the older (incorrect)
      value would be used.
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  9. 30 Jul, 2019 3 commits
    • Matthias Wirth's avatar
      SkyView: Fix trail color for planes that are now on ground · f1cb09d0
      Matthias Wirth authored
      When determining the color for a given altitude, don't check the current
      altitude if it's ground but the altitude passed as an argument to the
      Without this fix, when clicking an aircraft on ground, its entire trail
      is drawn in the color for ground.
    • Matthias Wirth's avatar
      SkyView: Unify stale check for loading the history · 207ca0c4
      Matthias Wirth authored
      When loading the history, the check for stale aircraft tracks is done
      This results in lots of dotted/stale track after opening the web page.
      Improve this by using the same 5 second timeout stale criterion to
      postions loaded from history. Add an additional check to better detect
      stale tracks when loading history positions that are spaced 30 seconds
    • Matthias Wirth's avatar
      SkyView: Fix ground markers · 76ab0a7e
      Matthias Wirth authored
      Add width and height to the svg xml description of the markers/symbols
      for ground vehicles.
      Fixes thouse markers/symbols being invisble.
  10. 29 Jul, 2019 1 commit
  11. 27 Jul, 2019 1 commit
    • Matthias Wirth's avatar
      SkyView: Fix aircraft trail handling · 5cc04d4c
      Matthias Wirth authored
      Make aircraft trail handling more consistent and the code hopefully
      easier to understand.
      Fix position comparison (comparing array references does not work).
      When initially loading the SkyView webpage, there are sometimes gaps in
      the aircraft trails when the trail transitions from estimated/dotted to
      known/solid track.
      Fix elastic band style to handle estimated segments properly.
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