Commit 492aa8d6 authored by lli's avatar lli
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Corrected print in train dqn

parent 94c429ce
......@@ -55,11 +55,7 @@ print(f'Discount factor: {gamma}')
print(f'Exploration strategy: {args.policy}')
if args.policy == 'epsilon_greedy':
if epsilon_decay:
print(f'Epsilon start value: {epsilon}')
print(f'Epsilon end value: {epsilon_end}')
print(f'Decay: {decay}')
print(f'Epsilon value: {epsilon}')
print(f'Training using epsilon decay: {epsilon_decay}')
print(f'Size of experience replay buffer: {replay_buffer}')
print(f'Size of experience replay batch: {replay_batch_size}')
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